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When it comes to buying Real Estate we are uniquely qualified to help you find that perfect home. We know Real Estate and specialize in finding homes in the Northern New Jersey area.


A Helpful Handout From Your REALTOR

  • Examine your financial situation.  Look at your expenses and monthly budget to determine what you can comfortably afford.  Many financial experts recommend spending no more than 28 percent of gross monthly income on you mortgage, property taxes, maintenance and property insurance. but each individual family and person are unique.
  • Know your mortgage options:  All buyers should contact a qualified real estate mortgage broker to obtain an analysis of what a bank will approve a loan for.  Often, this means obtaining a pre-approval so you know the maximum amount you can borrow.  While mortgage rates are higher than a year ago, they are still near historic lows, so for many people, this may make buying a home a more affordable reality.  Ask us, for referrals to loan officers to shop around with different lenders and learn what type of mortgage loan will best fit your situation.
  • Research and determine your preferences.  First, determine what type of property you are looking for (single-family,condominium, townhouse, cooperative, multi-family home). Think about your desired location such as the towns you want to live in and the type of home or condominium that fits your families needs.  Make a list of them when shopping for a home and separate them into absolutes, electives, and frills.
  • Make the most of the current market.  Depending on where you live in the area, the housing market looks very different.  We can provide you data on what's happening in the state, your county and your town.  Even different communities and condominiums within town vary significantly on a year to year basis.  It is important that before making any decision you know why snore communities are appreciating or depreciating faster than others.  It is essential that your realtor know the differences.
  • Work with a REALTOR®.   REALTORS®  provide expertise on market trends, property conditions, and many other aspects of a real estate transaction.  By working with a REALTOR®, buyers can see comparable homes for sale, track sales prices in a desired neighborhood and gain insight on many other aspects of a real estate purchase.  Be upfront and honest with your REALTOR® about your preferences and your financial situation so they can better guide you.  Choose a REALTOR® because of their expertise about real estate and not because their are friends or just nice people.  The advice, expertise, and skills of a truly experience REALTOR® can be worth thousand of dollars in your pocket at the end of the transaction.
  • With our Portfolio Manager you can sign up to receive property information for listings that meet your criteria. You will be one of the first to know. We have a knowledgeable staff with an in-depth knowledge of the metropolitan we offer a low pressure approach, with attention to details in all areas of service.
  • We will offer knowledgeable advice in all real estate matters.We will commit ourselves to locate the best property to meet your needs, but also act as your advocate, capable negotiator and coordinator of all transactions, purchasing your properties for the best price.We provide expertise on 1031 Tax Exchange Deferred programs and Creative Loan packages.
  • We will successfully locate properties with full understanding of your desired parameters knowing the local current real estate market.
  • You will get both Property Previews and Showings.
  • We will provide a detailed market analysis of the sold homes in the neighborhood, that have recently sold and how much they sold for.
  • We have experience and access to up to date pricing so you will know true market selling value.
  • For the best possible experience let us meet with you to understand your wants and needs to better prepare customized lists of homes- properties and the best loan packages available, if needed.
  • We will thoroughly advise you with your Home Inspection on the foundation, lead, asbestosis, mold, building permits, and any other issue may pertain to your purchase.
  • We will detail a time line for you and our team, an action plan to help you locate your income property, dream home, with coordinating the sale of your present home or relocating from out of the area.
  • We will review all your documents and finalize all escrow papers necessary.
  • May we suggest that you sign up for our Home Portfolio.  When you do we will send you automatic email listing updates daily, when related properties become available that meet your saved criteria.


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